An open gallery to the enlightened eye

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Charismatic energies inviting
Coloring your presence
Erasing your pain
Brushstrokes capturing your heart
Collective souls joining the divine flow
Imaginations running wild and free
Passions rising within
Talents effortlessly shining
We converse spiritual eloquence
Wanting more than daily chores
When we reach a vibrational low
We unite and raise our internal glow
We are the painters, creators and poets
A Universal canvas of love
Our works of art piecing together
An open gallery to the enlightened eye
No validation required
The creations are what they need to be
Igniting contentment, peace and joy
Creative tribes linking in arms
Coloring and awakening the sleeping souls
Time to slow it all down and breathe
We are here to learn, love and be loved
All else…


Come join me as dinner is served

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Come join me
At the table of life
As we start our journey of courses
Take the innocence in the starter
New to taste, touch, sound, sight, smell
Naïve in our conceptions, conversations and realisms
Eager to learn in our conditioned perceptions
Mirrored mannerisms and distinct behaviours
Pass the salt and pepper please
My taste buds have now flourished
A willingness kicked in
Seeking adventures, adrenalines and new horizons
On to the main course to wet one’s appetite
I can choose anything I wish
Keep it simple and subtle?
Or varied, colorful and tasty as possible?
Dare I go to the edge?
Make it the most spiciest mind blowing curry
And watch how it enlivens me
Or save it…


Time with loved ones is precious…..please cherish it

Property of Filza Chaudhry ©

Today marks 23 years since my mother passed away…leaving her angelic resonance that courses through my sister and I in all that we do in our daily actions. She was a pure soul and with all that life threw at her she kept going and going and going….always trusting in God, doing good deeds and praying for brighter days.
My mother wrote poetry in Urdu in her little black book, she cooked up feasts, she loved music, dancing and romance. She had many dreams that did not come to pass but invested all her loving energy into us.

My beautiful…


Self Mastery

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Empathic and lightworking souls
Purposely placed on Mother Earth
Mastering all levels of pain
Defining a new meaning of ‘Warrior’
Using words, actions, resolutions
Setting a precedence of hope
Harmony and happiness
Sensing everything in its entirety
Animals, humans, mother nature
Crying out for assistance
When all else has failed
God sends them our way
Giving solace and guidance
Balancing and restoring energy
Helping hands healing hearts
Soul to soul
We are taken into deep waters
Not to drown but to be cleansed
The world we live in currently
Is in deep waters…. …


Self Mastery

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It is time for the uprising of divine feminine energy…God gives us the ability to grow and birth a new life form we can most definitely birth a new world…when you see fear and hatred you must raise your vibration higher and plant seeds of love, light, blessings all around….we are being called upon to come together in harmony and there are many wanting and seeking the change to their existence…our human vessels are sand timers but our souls are infinite…make a difference in your time on this beautiful planet!!!!

I want more out of my existence
I want to experience…


Law of Polarity

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“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

The Kybalion.

The law of polarity is a mutable law. This means that we can master and use this law to create our own reality. This law is always operational and governs your life. So, if you try to ignore it or deny it, it will still govern your life, but not in your favor.

The law of polarity is neutral…


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Reflections, introspections, internal revelations
Continually shifting our levels of consciousness
Internal urges elevating us to new perceptions
New perspectives, wisdoms and awareness
Stepping into free will realities
Stepping out of fears and uncertainties
Birthing gifts, talents, healing modalities
Consenting the will to BE
Our new 5D dimensionality
Open to unending possibilities
Slowly enrapturing to the person
Always yearned and envisioned
Eternally transforming and ascending
Triggers and dark episodes nudge us along
Remaining steadfast on the righteous path
Emanating goodness, oneness and faithfulness
Deep metamorphosis must take place within
Review, purge and purify
Rebirth your desired outcomes
Immerse in a deep transitional evolution
Levelling up in crystal clear clarity
All knowledge is encoded in your DNA
Go within, listen to…


Break the chains of negativity

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With so much going on all around us — media spurred aggressions, racism, vaccine debates and deaths, life is not as simple as we would like it to be. Humans have always been resilient creatures come what may. Pain is for a period, a season, a reason and will always be followed by pleasure of some kind….never stop trying, believing and hoping for better days.

Wake up every morning and see yourself stepping into a realm of possibilities that are limitless! Be open to the magic and goodness that life can and does send our way. …


Self Mastery

Dear Readers,

How is life midway into July 2021?
Are you riding it through? Or crumbling in the chaos of it all?
Find your clarity amongst the confusion, create a space of peace, balance, silence, solitary introspection.
Keep your resilience and tenacity strong.
We will get through this!!

I love reading and listening to Poets and Philosophers’ of the past and understanding the wisdoms behind their word flows and using my experiences, observations and writing style to convey my musings on life’s reflections too.

Sending you all love, light and blessings,

Filza 💗💗💗

Hard Times

Rise in your endeavors…


Create your heavenly space

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Namaste Beautiful Readers,

Welcome to my neck of the writing woods 🙏💗🙏

How is life midway into June 2021?
Do you vaccinate or not vaccinate? One dose? Two dose? Triple dose?
Do you watch the played out scripts on TeLIEvision?
Do you believe the numbers of covid19 deaths being confirmed daily?
Do you understand the importance of ‘going off grid’?
Do you see that all around us Mother Nature is our ONLY HEALER no matter what the illness, disease, stress factor is?
Do you see the importance of eating fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking water like it’s going out of fashion, upping your intake of…

Filza Chaudhry

Writer, Poet, Creative Visionary, Humanitarian, Editor of Heart Revolution. We are ONE collective, ONE humanity, ONE love💗

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