Soulmate / Twin Flame Love

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Lost in your enchanted love and I don’t want to be found
I was just getting by in life until you showed up
Peeking my curiosity, wanting my attention
Throwing questions regarding life’s quandaries
Giving unexpected but intriguing answers in return
An internal shift confirmed and felt on both sides
A vibration rising within with such intensity
Triggering every cell to be stimulated
Engulfing me in a love’s flame never felt before
Looking in the mirror we both saw someone new
Such happiness transpired in gleaming smiles
Taken on a journey unraveling our shadows
Thrown many a challenge, hurdle and heartbreak
We could never stay separated for too long
The bond was too strong…

I am a good deed rocker!!!

Filza Chaudhry Selfie

My wild soul is done with 3D bullshit reality
Time to dance and sing so fucking loud
Scream with joy to my heart’s content
Time to play with all the freedom
We have been encoded to be
Wear bells on my ankles
Flowers in my hair
Wear my heart on my sleeve
Make it super cool to care
Talk to fairies and mystical creatures
Residing all around me
Wish upon every goddam star
Spread my angelic dust all around
I am a good deed rocker
God made me this way
My mind is always thinking of ways
To help, heal and surprise others
I remember people’s wishes, requests, prayers
I endeavor to help make dreams come true


Set yourself free in your sovereignty

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Wake up to a new dawn of existence
See all possibilities and probabilities
Truths through deceptions
Authenticity over artificiality
Purification of mind, body and soul
Journey within your labyrinth
Entering one’s rabbit hole
It will be excruciatingly painful
With pleasurable moments and hindsight's too
Many dark nights of the soul
Detachments, surrendering, letting go
Crying out to make sense of it all
Standing on the cusp of insanity
Standing alone in your sovereignty
Tasting freedom as intended
Becoming the silent observer
Master of emotions
Seeker of wisdoms
Warrior of battles
Teacher of lessons
Peacemaker over pain
Understanding thyself
Loving thyself
Trusting thyself
Being ONE
Being LOVE


An open gallery to the enlightened eye

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Charismatic energies inviting
Coloring your presence
Erasing your pain
Brushstrokes capturing your heart
Collective souls joining the divine flow
Imaginations running wild and free
Passions rising within
Talents effortlessly shining
We converse spiritual eloquence
Wanting more than daily chores
When we reach a vibrational low
We unite and raise our internal glow
We are the painters, creators and poets
A Universal canvas of love
Our works of art piecing together
An open gallery to the enlightened eye
No validation required
The creations are what they need to be
Igniting contentment, peace and joy
Creative tribes linking in arms
Coloring and awakening the sleeping souls
Time to slow it all down and breathe
We are here to learn, love and be loved
All else…


Come join me as dinner is served

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Come join me
At the table of life
As we start our journey of courses
Take the innocence in the starter
New to taste, touch, sound, sight, smell
Naïve in our conceptions, conversations and realisms
Eager to learn in our conditioned perceptions
Mirrored mannerisms and distinct behaviours
Pass the salt and pepper please
My taste buds have now flourished
A willingness kicked in
Seeking adventures, adrenalines and new horizons
On to the main course to wet one’s appetite
I can choose anything I wish
Keep it simple and subtle?
Or varied, colorful and tasty as possible?
Dare I go to the edge?
Make it the most spiciest mind blowing curry
And watch how it enlivens me
Or save it…

Capturing beauty in the skies whilst working and writing

Filza Chaudhry Photography

My favorite room in the home that I rent is the room in the attic. Initially set up for my writing, it soon became my work space too as Covid19 started to rear its ugly head and working from home became mandatory. I spend many, many hours up here whilst working, writing, reading, listening to the birds singing, listening to music, mantras, meditations, ancient wisdoms, praying, watching the clouds, the rays of the sun, the moon and stars and falling asleep on my favorite couch from my previous home.

I have become aware of how beautiful Mother Nature and Father…


Food creates a distinctive nostalgia

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Sizzling onions serenading in hot, tempestuous oil

My mother conducts an array of delectable dishes

Effortlessly and efficiently orchestrating each one

Such skill, ease and execution of flavor and spice

Enticing aromas billowing around the house

Aching bellies and salivating tongues

Distractions of culinary delights

Marinated meats and choices of appetizing feasts

Colorful concoctions of edible sights

Such savoring moments on homecoming

Being nourished with delightful home cooking

Sheer comfort knowing it is all laced with love

My mother never failed to feed flavorsome food

With such heavenly, gastronomic goodness

She is no longer here but I try my utmost


Learn the lessons and embrace your truth!!!

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We are stars amongst the stars
We are created as infinite spectrums
We sparkle in this magical cosmos
We are ONE energy
We are ONE collective
We are ONE humanity
We are ONE love
We are living out new cycles
New experiences, new challenges
A new lifetime is a homecoming
Back to Mother Earth’s teachings
New body to call our ‘physical’ home
Take heed of all lessons to master
Transcend and ascend your ethereal soul
The more layers one sheds
Purification becomes the aim
No need to carry anxieties, worries and woes
Everything is created divinely
Enrich your magnetism
Your presence matters
Your purpose to enlighten
All is as it should be
Attain equilibrium

Filza Chaudhry

Writer, Poet, Creative Visionary, Humanitarian, Editor of Heart Revolution. We are ONE collective, ONE humanity, ONE love💗

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